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The origin of prestigious brands

In my latest article for Forbes I talk about the ingredients that  country must have to be the origin of luxury brands. The creators, their brands and products have to be exposed to the international market. Today, luxury is international or it is not luxury at all. Read article (in Spanish)

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Luxury, a new patron for culture

In my latest collaboration for Forbes I deal with the approach between culture and luxury. Culture, art and fashion are the expression of a country’s creativity and they use resources that combine and maintain a close relationship among them. Read more (in Spanish)

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Maria Eugenia Girón in Luxury Lab magazine

Maria Eugenia Girón collaborates in the latest issue of Luxury Lab magazine, whose cover you can see in the picture, writing the article «Does Mexican luxury exist?». Besides, the link below will allow you to see an exclusive video featuring the complete interview with Maria Eugenia. Watch video (in Spanish)

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