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María Eugenia Girón, in her first event as President of Fundación Diversidad

María Eugenia Girón, recently appointed President of Fundación Diversidad, presided last April 14th the event where Ford España received the Alares Certificate. Pictured above: Javier Benavente, President of Alares and Fundacion Alares, Carmen Plaza, General Director of Equal Opportunity, Jose Manuel Machado, President of Ford España and María Eugenia Girón, President of Fundacion Diversidad.  

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The unicorns in luxury fashion

Here is my latest contribution to Forbes, which is about the luxury-fashion online platform Farfetch, whose target client is someone demanding, fascinated by fashion, who looks for the bst wherever it is. The company has raised capital over 1,000 million dollars, becaming what Silicon Valley calls “unicorn”. Read article (in Spanish)

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«Sustainable Luxury and Social Entrepreneurship: Stories from the pioneers» book presentation in New York and Miami.

María Eugenia Girón will be presenting the book «Sustainable Luxury and Social Entrepreneurship: Stories from the pioneers» in New York and Miami on April 7th and 8th. The presentations, organized by Greenleaf Publishing, will be: New York (April 7th)   Berkeley College of Fashion Management and Merchandising (1:30 – 2:00PM)     Net Impact’s New York Chapter (7:00-8:00PM). Event webpage […]

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